Sales Leads Are Like Salads

1940's plate from Japan - but that salad (lead) is fresh - call that person!

Sales Leads Have a Very Short “Shelf Life” 

Imagine a fresh leafy salad, ready to be consumed. Now imagine walking away from your salad for a few hours. Can you imagine how “fresh” your salad will be when you return?

Probably not, since the typical “shelf life” for a salad at room temperature is about an hour. After that, not only will it look wilted or taste as good, it will begin to be tainted with unwanted elements.

Imagine, if you can, that you walk away from that salad for five days or longer. What do your think your salad might look and taste like then?

Salads are my own personal analogy for sales leads. After all, sales leads have a “shelf life” too. So, let’s talk about an acceptable response time. My philosophy and expectation regarding a sales lead is that I, and representatives of my company, respond within two hours or less.

With so much competition, demand generation psychology, and so many other influencing factors, the best way to snag the business is to be the first responder.

My approach is simple, really, if you put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. And perhaps you have personally experienced waiting unnecessarily for a sales person to contact you.  No one likes to be put off when they are ready to buy, be it a business service, consumer goods or whatever is top-of-mind.

Like that salad, when it comes to a sales lead, it’s best to just dive right in.


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