John Wooden Global Leadership Award recipient Ken Chenault CEO of American Express

John Wooden Global Leadership Award recipient Ken Chenault CEO of
American Express

After starting and running a network integrator for 10 years, I co-founded a digital marketing firm in 2012 that focuses on web and mobile apps. To fast-track my skills, I took a job at a high tech creative agency with their own PaaS (Platform as a Service) that is sophisticated enough to produce a horse race betting mobile application SaaS (Software as a Service) for a prestigious race track pushing millions of dollars through the app during the first season the app was launched.  Technology is changing so quickly, I had to align myself with an expert in the space of digital marketing, digital advertising, mobile applications databases and content management systems. In July of 2015 we agreed to end our alliance.

SHORT LIST (either co-created concept or was brought on at varying stages of development to complete tech or provide Product Management/Tech/Funding/Sales support):

  • App Hybrid, AyaPortal {Work order software, web accessible with API to accounting/CRM, replaced 4, full time employees. Tech.} 2008
  • App Facebook, FedUpp {Good habit application for consumers. Tech.} 2009
  • Web app – Cloud ERP (SaaS), Lucidity {*actual code, licensing* Custom ERP system for distributors. Tech/Sales.} [NDA] 2010
  • SaaS, InContact {200 call center agents for various call centers that added state contracts, seven figure contract. Tech/Sales.} 2012
  • App Hybrid, ecomm {Database scrub initiative and discount portal, 27 disparate ecomm platforms. Connected 90,000 member organization with correct discounts for each vendor. Goal of eliminating 4, full time employees. Tech/Sales.} 2013
  • App Hybrid Cloud Service Consumer (CSC), BYK {1st/3rd person tower defense game, minimum viable product/working spec required additional development and capital. Sales.} [NDA] 2014
  • App Droid CSC, Gunfighter {Proximity game Western theme based around Ingress model of getting out and moving, meeting new people, taking their gold. Sales.} 2014
  • App iOS/Droid CSC, Urgent Call {Bypass DND in emergency situations. Sales.} [NDA] 2014
  • App (CSC), Party Around the World {A Yelp for parties in every city around the globe. Product Management/Tech/Sales.} [NDA] 2015
  • App iOS CSC, Checkmate {Apple Watch photo app for real time sharing during modern dance production. Product Management/Tech/Sales.} [NDA] 2015

I am a futurist and am constantly looking for ways to improve existing products. As a fan and hobbyist, I love 3D printing technology, virtual reality (desktop and mobile ie Google #IAmCardboard), wearables (Muse brain sensing headband for meditation, Apple watch, Droid watch, FitBit, etc.), Internet of Things aka IoT, space travel, robotics, drones, artificial intelligence and am particularly fascinated by technologies like the Deka Arm - it helps people who have lost a limb.  I’m also keeping an eye on machine learning, quant applications, avatar technology and carbon nanotubes technology. I was lucky enough to take a tour of SpaceX (and learned the Tesla factory in Fremont is similar but bigger and the robots all have names). I’m highly interested in making a robot companion for dogs and am currently looking to create with DNA scientists, artificial intelligence engineers (any), chemists with experience in agriculture, drone hardware/software architects and anything related to space travel – please contact me to discuss concepts: julie.fogg.2006 @ anderson .ucla .edu

Confused about cloud? Some tips I borrowed from the Forbes contributor Mike Kavas 

  • SaaS Examples: Google Apps, Salesforce, GoToMeeting, WebEx
  • IaaS Examples: Google Compute Engine GCE, AWS, Joyent, MS Azure,
  • PaaS Examples: [Public], Google [Public or Private] Apprenda, AppFog


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