June 2006

It was unbelievable to be picked as an award recipient for the San Francisco 2006 Make Mine a $Million program. Going through the application process was educational and helped with the competition itself. I spent 6 days in San Francisco for the NAWBO May 31 – June 3 conference and the Make Mine a $Million competition and it was time and money well-spent.

One of the major benefits of the Make Mine a $Million program is the people you meet (This photo was taken right before the competitors went on stage before the panel of judges and voting audience – I am sitting between Robin M. and Kali E.R.). Meeting people that have common interests is priceless to me. I had the opportunity to meet Denise Houseberg in San Francisco from www.marketexpo.com, a 2005 award recipient that has passed the million-dollar revenue mark and I really enjoy speaking to her. I also communicate with about 10 of my San Francisco fellow-award recipients weekly. Meeting these savvy and charismatic women has been great for me because I have new friends and resources to go to for quick questions about business.

Another amazing benefit is having access to the experts from OPEN for American Express, QVC, Cisco, Count Me In and the coaches. The time and effort these professionals devote to the program and award recipients are nothing short of amazing. Being under the magnifying glass with the coaches was an experience that provided a wealth of feedback that I have already started to incorporate into my big-picture plan.

On May 25, 2006, I declared my intention to “grow my business beyond the $million revenue level,” with a certificate at
www.makemineamillion.org. I also donated $15 to the site because I wanted to make sure that women that need a $500 or $1,500 micro loan can get it. Please take a minute and make a donation. Whatever you can afford, just do it. Getting 1 million women to the “$million revenue level” by 2010 is going to be a group effort. Good luck and go declare yourself!

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  1. >Julie,

    I’m a real estate acquisition person, just incorporated last week but have been doing business on and off for many years. You are inspiring!! You just look like you’ve got it together AND are so deserving of any and all rewards, especially financial.

    I could use advice on obtaining credit under the corporate name only, without using individual guarantor…any tips? AMEX said they would if I’d been incorporated 6 months – year. It’s difficult to start doing what I do with no substantial lines of credit. I’m refusing to mix the personal financial doings with my brand new corporation!


  2. Julie Fogg says:

    >Dear Netter,

    I do have tips for you, but prefer not to leave them on this blog. Go to my companies URL http://www.activeport.com and send an email to sales and put “Need a Nortel phone system” in the subject line and just type your question in the body (mention the blog). We can open a dialogue since I just spoke on this at a Make Mine a $Million meeting in San Francisco in August. It isn’t information I want posted on the web. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

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