Binge & Purge Blogging


A lot of companies binge and purge when it comes to blogging and vlogging. Imagine: you attend an event, get some literature for an organization and look them up online. You stumble onto their Youtube channel and see twenty videos from 2009 then nothing. The platform has been abandoned where it is obvious that they invested a lot of time and money to get on there.

A suggestion: try the drip method of releasing content onto various platforms. Maybe create all the content at once then release something monthly or every other month depending on the budget. Put in on a calendar somewhere with someone who will actually post the content. ┬áThat person isn’t always a principal – the first notice from the IRS or a worker’s compensation audit will throw the best intentions out of the window. Give that job to a vendor or employee where there are consequences if the info isn’t posted.

Binging and purging when it comes to blogging and vlogging isn’t good PR for any company.


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